The Sir Andrew Fraser Lodge No.72 G.L.I

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The Sir Andrew Fraser Lodge was formed in honour of Sir Andrew Henderson Leith Fraser, KCSI who was the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal between 1903 and 1908. Sir Andrew Fraser was very actively involved in the foundation of a several Lodges in Bengal during that period. He was also instrumental in the historic Initiation of His Majesty Habibullah Khan the Emir of Afghanistan along with R.W. Bro. Lord Kitchener and officiated as Senior Warden in the ceremony on 2nd February, 1907 in Freemasons’ Hall, Calcutta.

This Lodge was sponsored by Lodge Concordia No. 3102, E.C. which now meets in England. Our Lodge was constituted on 28th January, 1908 and was consecrated in the Burdwan District of Bengal on Monday the 30th of March, 1908 as 3289 E.C. by W.Bro George Lane Anderson, Deputy District Grand Master of Bengal. The first Worshipful Master was W.Bro Atal C. Sen, another eminent Freemason of the day, who later had a Lodge named in his honour, with W.Bro Sir Andrew Fraser, Lt. Governor of Bengal as his I.P.M. Other illustrious Founder Members included W.Bro Maharajadhiraj Bahadur Sir Bijay Chand Mahtab, KCSI, GCIE of Burdwan, W.Bro Raja Bahadur Lalit Mohan Singh Roy, CIE, JP, MLC and W.Bro Raja Bahadur Manilol Singh Roy,CIE among several others. This Lodge has initiated many distinguished Masons. R.W.Bro Shyam Kinkor Ghosh, P.Dy.GM, an illustrious Mason was the Secretary of this Lodge from 1918 to 1942. W.Bro Rai Bahadur S.N.Mukherjee, PDGJW, deserves special mention for his continuous support to the Lodge over a period of three years in which he occupied the Eastern Chair. This Lodge opted to join the Grand Lodge of India AF & AM in 1961. The Lodge was in abeyance from 2002 to 2005 and was revived on May, 2005 with 2 original members remaining on it’s rolls. Since 2005, despite a few initial years of strife, the Lodge has seen a steady growth, both in terms of it’s membership and it’s number of working. The Lodge Celebrated it's Centenary on 30th March 2008.

Lodge Charities

In 2006 the Lodge participated in the ‘Adopt a child’ programme of Child Relief and You (CRY) as a part of it’s charity programme.We have continued our support to 4 villages that we adopted via the Anganwadi Scheme of the Central Government. We have adopted 1 underprivileged child ‘Gaurav’ in Bhiwadi through the R.C. Chauhan Charitable Trust and we cater to all his needs including Education, Medical etc. Responding to an appeal from R.W. the Regional Grand Master, we contributed Rs.10, 000/- towards the Region’s Flood Relief Fund in 2017. Apart from this, a Brother from our Lodge has donated a sum of Rs. 50,000/- towards the Regional Fund of Benevolence in 2017. The Lodge also from time to time, covers emergent expenses of the staff of Freemasons’ Hall, Calcutta. We conduct regular projects with the Dakshin Kalikata Sevasram an orphanage and school for children in Calcutta. The Lodge has also actively supports the Masonic Polyclinic Association of Eastern India.