The Sir Andrew Fraser Lodge No.72 G.L.I

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List Of Officers 2018

W.Bro. Anirudha Mukherjee – WM

W.Bro. Gaurav Das Gupta – IPM

Bro. Sugyan Lohiaa – Senior Warden

Bro. Dr. Prateep Kr. Sen – Junior Warden

Bro. Amitabha Sen – Chaplain

V.W.Bro. Indu Chatrath – Treasurer

R.W. Bro. Ambarish Singh Roy – Secretary

W.Bro. Dr. Sanjay Sarbadhikary - DOC

W.Bro. Manchi Mancherji - Asst. Secretary

Bro. Debargha Basu – Senior Deacon

Bro. Prithwijit Gangopadhyay – Junior Deacon

Bro. Shilavadra Bhattacharjee – Inner Guard

Bro. Arindam Ghosh – Tyler


W.Bro. Manchi Mancherji

W.Bro. Dr. Sanjay Sarbadhikary


R.W. Bro. Ambarish Singh Roy

Roll of Members

Honorary Members

M.W. Bro. Justice Devinder Gupta, OSM, PGM

M.W. Bro. Capt. Dr. Balaram Biswakumar, OSM, IPGM

R.W.Bro. Sisir Kr. Ghosh, P.Dy.GM, PRGM

R.W. Bro. K.P. David, P.Dy.GM, P.Dy.RGM

R.W.Bro. Bidhan Chandra Ray, P.Dy.GM, P.Dy.RGM

Subscribing Members

R.W. Bro. Ambarish Singh Roy

R. W.Bro. D.N. Banerjee

W.Bro. Gaurav Das Gupta

W.Bro. Prakash Sipani

V.W. Bro. Indu Chatrath

W.Bro. Sanjay Sarbadhikary

Bro. Amitava Sen

W.Bro. Jainendra Nath Chandla

Bro. Arindam Ghosh

W.Bro. Shakti Laitphlang

Bro. Shilavadra Bhattacharjee

W.Bro. Anirudha Mukherjee

Bro. Sugyan Lohiaa

W.Bro. Rohit Arora

W.Bro. Manchi Mancherji

W.Bro. Sumit Agarwal

Bro. Prithwijit Gangopadhyay

Bro. Rohan Poddar

Bro. Anuj Agarwal

Stewardship Report of The Sir Andrew Fraser Lodge No. 72 G.L.I

R.W. Bro. Dr. Javed Akhtar, Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master, Regional Grand Lodge of Eastern India, Distinguished Grand Officers and Right Worshipful Past Regional Grand Masters, Right Worshipful Brethren, Very Worshipful Brethren, Worshipful Brethren and dear Brethren all – Welcome to the Annual Installation Meeting of our Lodge.

Our Lodge is small, yet we have traversed a long journey and next year we will complete our 110th Year. For a few years this Lodge was in abeyance till it was revived by R.W. Bro. Ambarish Singh Roy, R.W. Bro. K.P. David, R.W. Bro. Raja Mookerjee, the Late lamented R.W. Bro. Banshi Badan Dutt and a handful of other dedicated Brethren in 2005 with active support from the erstwhile Regional Grand Master R.W. Bro. Girish Shastri. We celebrated our Centenary in 2008.

Brethren, in the past year we have had 3 resignations and now have 3 Joining Members and 2 Candidates for Initiation. We also have 3 prospective candidates awaiting screening. Brethren, we take our screening process seriously. We love our Lodge and we believe in keeping it select. We have met regularly and we have done a few charity projects as follows:

  1. We have continued our support to 4 villages that we adopted via the Anganwadi Scheme of the Central Government.
  2. We have adopted 1 underprivileged child ‘Gaurav’ in Bhiwadi through the R.C. Chauhan Charitable Trust and we cater to all his needs including Education, Medical etc.
  3. In the face of the deluge that affected Assam and parts of Bengal, we raised Rs.35, 000/- for the Flood Relief Effort of Lodge Kamrup in Guwahati. However, by the time they responded to our offer to aid their effort, the floods had receded and the funds were no longer required by the Lodge. Therefore, responding to an appeal from R.W. the Regional Grand Master, we contributed Rs.10, 000/- towards the Region’s Flood Relief Fund and have deposited the remaining amount in our Charity account for use in some future charitable cause by the Lodge.
  4. Apart from this, a Brother from our Lodge has donated a sum of Rs. 50,000/- towards the Regional Fund of Benevolence.
  5. The Lodge also from time to time, covers emergent expenses of the staff of Freemasons’ Hall, Calcutta.

We are grateful to R.W. the Regional Grand Master for bestowing a Regional Rank on one of our Past Masters: 

W.Bro. Dr. Sanjay Sarbadhikary – P.R.G. Treasurer.

We are also grateful to the M.W. the Grand Master for conferring Grand Ranks on 4 of our Senior Brethren:

R.W. Bro. Jainendra Nath Chandla – P.J.G.W.

R.W. Bro. Ambarish Singh Roy – P.J.G.W.

R.W.Bro. Dhrubendra Nath Banerjee – P.J.G.W.

V.W.Bro. Indu Chatrath – P.G. DOC

W.Bro. Manchi Mancherji – P.Pres. G.Stwd

Our Regional and Grand Dues are up to date and our financial position is stable.

I would like to congratulate W.Bro. Anirudha Mukherjee on his Election to the Eastern Chair of his Mother Lodge. I am certain he will follow the Tenets of Masonry in General and the Traditions of this Lodge in Particular and guide it to greater heights. I wish him and his team of incoming officers all the best for their tenure in Office.

I thank all the Officers and Brethren who have strengthened my hand during my tenure and held the Lodge together through a difficult phase. With these words, I once again welcome all our distinguished visitors and thank all of you for giving me a patient hearing.

Thank You!

W.Bro. Gaurav Das Gupta

Worshipful Master 

Date: 22.12.2017